Shadows of Angels

by Fleur Murphy

Wicked women, seductive sinners, vicious vixens – Thanks to Hollywood, the Femme Fatale is typically depicted as a curvaceous, red-lipped, glamorous blonde with a gun in her hand. “Shadows of Angels” aims to show the contrast between the real and gritty lives of women in crime and their Hollywood counterparts. Four very different women, with cleverly interwoven stories, challenge our ideas of gender, sexuality, poverty and crime. Set within the city slums of Australia in 1929 the play explores the desperate lives and dangerous minds of the female criminal in this gripping piece of theatre. Shatter the fantasy and discover the reality…
Shadows of Angels depicts four ‘fallen angels’: Australia’s first female police officer, an entrepreneurial backyard abortion nurse, a serial murderess who lives as a man, and a juvenile woman of the night. In 1929, a young 14-year-old girl walks up the narrow stairs of apartment 777b, an illegal abortion clinic. She is trembling, wringing the dress that she holds, a catalyst for a series of criminal events.

February 27 – March 3, 2012
Adelaide Fringe @ Bakehouse Theatre – Studio, 255 Angas St, Adelaide
November 5, 2011
Short + Sweet Melbourne, Chapel off Chapel, Prahran

Director Chris Saxton
Cast Kara Stacey Merrin, Rosemary Johns, Clare Callow and Erin Dewar
Producers Marcus Phipps, Kara Stacey Merrin, Fleur Murphy, Chris Saxton

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