Cubby-Theatre (for the kids!)

Hello to you! And welcome to our Cubby-Theatre!!

Created by me (Kara)

with help from my son.


Let’s share what books are all about.  They’re not just for READING. Nooooooooo waaaaaay! Books are for DISSECTING and DREAMING and SMELLING and EATING (… well that’s what my toddler tends to think. I don’t think books taste particularly nice! But hey, who am I to judge?) But most of all, I believe books help us UNDERSTAND and LEARN and ENJOY the big world around us. I love playing with theatre concepts to unpack stories. You name it! We think it and try it! How about acting? Puppetry? Lighting? Songs? Silly dances?…  Our list is only limited by our imaginations.


From as long ago as I can remember (perhaps it was when dinosaurs were born!!!) I luuuuuuurved telling stories to anyone or ANYTHING that would listen.  So now that I have grown into an older version of myself, I have created a Cubby-Theatre to enjoy books with my toddler.  We would love to share our theatrical reading adventures with you. Please keep up to date with our latest kid’s shows via social media and our website.


I look forward to seeing you at our next show!



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