I am a physical theatre performer who transgressed to the world of architectural lighting for eight years. After two years having my imagination rebooted by my toddler I have returned to my passionate foundation of physical theatre performance. I co-produced and performed in Shadows of Angels (Adelaide Fringe 2012, Short + Sweet 2011), performed in Broken Mirror’s Hamletmachine (2012), and was a performance ensemble member and lighting designer for PMD Productions 2007-2009.   I have trained with Zen Zen Zo, Liminal theatre, and with Laura Sheedy (SITI Company).  I have a Theatre Studies Honours degree, Graduate Diploma in Lighting with distinction, and was awarded High Distinction for RMIT’s Creative Lighting Applications course.  I have been an Equity member since 2004.


Co-production: Shadows of Angels, The Tempest, Broken Mirror: HamletmachineZen Zen Zo Winter Stomp: The Nightingale and the Rose; PMD Productions: 3 Sisters, The Greeks: The War; Green Cyc: Kairotic, Hartwell: As You Like It, Merchant of Venice, 3D Fest: baby/doll, SideStreet Players: Tea Party, Waiting… QUT: Oedipus, The Bacchae, Mirthless, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Tissue, Project Pod



picasso portfolio

Zen Zen Zo Winter Stomp: The Nightingale and the Rose; Apples and Shoes: no blinding lightShort + Sweet: The PondTheft + Wedlock; Independent: Honeymoon in Harlem, Caffe duh Latte, The Tempest, Duchess on Thursday, Urbs Urbis, Dags; PMD Productions: Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Copenhagen (AD)