About Kara

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Hello! I am a physical theatre performer.  I love to create engaging stories for audiences to immerse themselves.  And so, after eight years working in the world of architectural lighting, I now find myself consumed once more in theatrical storytelling as a physical theatre performer.  I continue to work as an independent lighting designer and freelance physical theatre performer, both fields feeding and informing the other.

I am heavily influenced by my physical theatre training, namely Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints of Space and Time.  I also see how lighting has a strong influence over my vision of shaping stories.

In theatre, I treat lighting as if it was a performer in the space.  In architecture, I begin design concepts as a blank canvas, and create schemes requiring minimum light for the desired impact. My lighting design work includes concept and schematic designs, tender documentation, project management during construction and commissioning. I work either directly with the end user or in collaboration with electrical engineers, architects, lighting designers and interior designers.I do not affiliate myself with any one lighting supplier so that I can offer quality lighting solutions without compromise and influence.

Education is an important foundation for my work. I have a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Drama and Theatre Studies and a Graduate Diploma in Lighting, as well as an Associate Diploma in Speech and Drama.  I have been a member of Equity since 2004 and a Junior Associate Member of the International Association of Lighting Designers since 2015.


Education & Training

QUT: Graduate Diploma of Lighting (Distinction)

AIA: Daylight Design – Beyond the Curtain Wall

RMIT: Interior Decoration Design Series: Creative Lighting Applications, Awarded HD


MONASH UNIVERSITY: BA (Drama & Theatre Studies) Honours

QUT: BA (Drama) Theatre Studies (Distinction)

My acting credits include:

Co-production: Shadows of Angels, The Tempest, Broken Mirror: Hamletmachine, Zen Zen Zo Winter Stomp: The Nightingale and the Rose; PMD Productions: 3 Sisters, The Greeks: The War; Green Cyc: Kairotic, Hartwell: As You Like It, Merchant of Venice, 3D Fest: baby/doll, SideStreet Players: Tea Party, Waiting… QUT: Oedipus, The Bacchae, Mirthless, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Tissue, Project Pod

My directing credits include:

Zen Zen Zo Winter Stomp: The Nightingale and the Rose; Apples and Shoes: no blinding light; Short + Sweet: The Pond, Theft + Wedlock; Independent: Honeymoon in Harlem, Caffe duh Latte, The Tempest, Duchess on Thursday, Urbs Urbis, Dags; PMD Productions: Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Copenhagen (AD)

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